23 February, 2007

I stand up for the person I am
I have become
I will be

I lean towards lie
work and strife
Conquer of battles

I sway in indecision
battling heart
mind and soul

I fall in love
with the soft skin
sweet smell of perfume
laced with sensuality

I stumbled

I stand up
for myself

4 Scribbles:

ujju said...

If you can all turn around and focus your attention here for a minute..you can see that here we have the maslov's heirarchy of needs.. :D

hehehe..couldnt resist sayin that.

actually the very last word makes this otherwise normal poem, powerful.

btw..whts this yaa..what u and all falling in lauve with a girrrlll? wht ees thees happens i say?

Prude said...

circles...its circles all over again...over and over again...I wonder what the point is behind us learning to count beyond 1 at all...

moontalk said...

full circle, life's always been a circle.
but the point is that we need to go through each step to make that a circle...well otherwise its jus a bit of meaningliess curve really.
prude, that makes a point for learning to count beyond 1, dont u think? :)
tsu, seriously, u get better and better.ur lines are crisp, VERY clean, and sharp.
as i keep saying, u'll make me famous yet ;)

Me Thinks.. said...

whats with the cirlce theory??? I would say, back to square one! ;)
Beautiful lines...elevate! keep it up..

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