23 February, 2007

what would it be
that I would give up for
everything in my possession and not

a moment of truth
answer to the mystery of life
what I am

love that overbears
miniscule essence of me
will that all be?

And I did
now will paint a picture
the arms that wait longing
wrapping the vacuum
off pain is which is mine
estimating overbearing crime
what goes around comes back around
viscious circle is too soft
smirk crosses my lips, I smile
waves crash against our broken souls.

dEDicated to Sneha and our talks. whats in ure head and whats in mine... one thing! what goes around comes back around!!!

3 Scribbles:

Prude said...

beautiful poem. I don't want to comment and give away too much here...
next time we meet. :)

Prude said...

let me add...
one of my biggest hopes and also my biggest fear.

moontalk said...

wow!i mean WOW!!

@ prude,
hey tell me too! ;D

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